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A proposal around the universe, observing, entering from the inside, crossing its immensity from the vision of the macrocosm to that of the microcosm. An attempt to nourish ourselves with it, observing the tone
This unique exhibition shows us how clay water vessels follow formal canons and scale sizes that allow them to satisfy a wide range of needs that these ceramic vessels have covered for centuries. Keeping track
The artist Catherine Lorton presents her latest unpublished engravings at the Museu del Càntir de Argentona Catherine Lorton uses the technique of engraving and abstraction as a language to explain her percepti
Museu del Càntir of Argentona presents an exhibition of the artist Didier Lourenço, with his intimate and imaginative lithographs based on the human being and his emotions, where textures and colors stand out F
Alberto Bustos Valladolid (1972) More than 25 years of learning and unlearning. Burning fears in each unexpected cooking. Exhibiting here, there, there. But never at any price or interest. The works give value
"In my works forms and visual configurations are guessed that are diversified, superimposed and repeated to activate an illusory but at the same time real world, in order to establish emotional links and an atm
This April we have the opportunity to see in the temporary exhibition room of the Museu del Càntir de Argentona a good collection of paintings by the Barcelona artist Rogeli Vilaplana Rogeli Vilaplana was born
Ararat There is a place that, when you decide to stay there, the choice makes it unique. It doesn't matter if it's pretty or not. If it is an understandable or inexplicable territory. Because it turns out to be
The arts magazine Revistart celebrates 25 years and exhibits, at the Museu del Càntir, works by renowned artists that have been on the cover of its magazines over the years, such as Will Faber, Tharrats, Cuixar
Erik Schmitz Coll - Essència Born in Germany and raised in the "Terres de Ponent", this young sculptor uses art as a means to communicate and express thoughts. He conceives creativity as an intuitive, subtle an
EXTENDED UNTIL JANUARY 3, 2021 Carles Vives Mateu Barcelona, 1957 The author initially chose painting, following the footsteps of his parents, especially his mother. But he soon realised he was more attracted t
We present you a small sample of the artisan glass from the Mataró glass oven, Cristalleries Societat Cooperativa. Pieces made by professional glaziers in the glass industry who basically made light bulbs and t
Virtual Exhibition of posters - 41 Poster contest Argillà Argentona 2020 You can see here the exhibition of ALL THE POSTERS Due to the current state of alarm by COVID-19, the jury's vote has been done onli
PROLONGED UNTIL JUNE 28th Museu del Càntir exhibits the engravings of the collective Tarlatana 17 Tarlatana is a light, subtle cotton fabric. Its threads, weft and warp, often form an orderly, almost geometric
The Argentona photographer, through his long exposure photographs, shows us his personal and emotional universe. 20 years ago in the analogue stage, I decided to reflect the social context where I reside, photo
"NOW IS THE WOMEN'S TIME"This is the call to femininity that the artist Sílvia Alcalá makes through her paintings, which are manifested in a chromatic explosion of feminine looks full of emotion. 8th Novem
Portugal historically has a huge diversity of pottery and ceramics activity, with a wide range of products that range from handmade to industrial. Today it is one of the most important producers of utilitarian
After receiving the invitation to exhibit at the Museu del Càntir, I began to reflect on what works it could take to have a connection with the museum. Since the "càntir" is nothing more than a container of wat
This exhibition is a reflection, a synthesis between geometric structures (body) and letters, numbers and points (skin) that are transformed into a repetitive language, based on a multitude of elements with vol
MONTSERRAT VIAPLANA: DIÀLEGS In each new exhibition of Montserrat Viaplana we discover changes in its aesthetic approaches. It is not about strident or groundbreaking changes, but rather they are light and subt
Marta Duran makes a song to life with her floating gardens Marta Duran studied biology and specialized in botany. That is why his knowledge of the landscape and the flowers goes beyond what is purely visual. It
From 12th April till 5th May Posters of 40 Poster contest ARGILLÀ ARGENTONA 2019 Opening ceremony, public announcement of the verdict and delivery of the prize Friday, April 12 at 7:00 p.m. During the opening c
FET AL TALLER Exhibition where you will find the latest works of the students of the ceramics workshop at the Museu del Càntir d'Argentona. Volumes, materials, textures and colors are the common denominator to
From 13th January 2019 till December 2021 If something is common in contemporary ceramics, and in much of today's art, is its transversality, since there are several aesthetic paths that cross constantly in dif
Ricard Jordà has been showing the world for more than 50 years through his creations. Nonconformist and critical of everything that surrounds us, the artist has selected these works especially to continue denou
“Guinovart is one of the artists I admire more deeply. I met him personally in 1973 and we were friends until his death. Like all the great artists, Guinovart explored different ways, one of them the matter, re
"With the desire to find new ways of expression, through old materials, old techniques and traditions, but perhaps not very common in the artistic field, we want to introduce gunpowder as a writing tool, to car
The ceramic work of Enric Mestre (Alboraia, Valencia, 1936) selected for this temporary exhibition in the Museu del Càntir d’Argentona (Agentona Water Jug Museum), belongs to the quiet and constant endeavour du
Abstract painting exhibition by the artist Gloria Badosa According to the artist tells us: "Filling color with a blank space, and at the same time transmitting emotions, it is for me the main challenge of this
On Sunday, May 13 th at 1:00 pm, in the temporary exhibition hall of the museum, the verdict of the jury, of the children's drawing contest "El Càntir Fantasma", will be made public and the prizes will be
Opening ceremony, public announcement of the verdict and award ceremony: Friday, April 13 at 7:00 p.m. Exhibition of selected posters of the Poster Contest, where the poster will be displayed and the graphic im
Francesc Sillué presents himself with his customary tendency, palpitating with light and color, with works painted with a high sense of demand. A rigor that shows the ascensional meaning of his work, which stan
Exhibition of Greek askoi, pottery vessels of classical antiquity precursors of the water jugs PHOTO ALBUM
Exposició de pintura on l'artista ens presenta una part de la seva extensa sèrie "Geografies del silenci", creada entre els anys 2004 i 2006. Les obres exposades al museu les podrem veure per primer cop. "Al ll
Sala d'exposicions Casa Gòtica. Del 7 al 23 de juliol Inauguració divendres 7 de juliol a les 18 h El viatge, a Itàlia, té les seves arrels a l'Edat Mitjana;  des de finals del segle XVII, suposa una inevi
Saló de pedra de l'Antic Ajuntament d'Argentona. Del 7 al 9 de juliol Inauguració divendres 7 a les 17 h A la cultura amazig rifenya la terrisseria té nom de dona i no ha patit canvis importants des del neolíti
De com esdevenen ceràmica la terra, l’aigua, l’aire i el foc i dels processos que experimenten els elements és del que tracta l’exposició que la ceramista Montse Llanas ens ofereix. Creadora incansable de tècni
A Superfícies, Maria Cusachs presenta les obres en quatre sèries: Moviments de superfície, Rotació, Plecs i Contactes. Obres realitzades en funció d'unes idees que es transformen durant el procés creatiu. Pintu
Inauguration Friday 8th September at 7 pm  From 8th September till 22nd October 2017 PHOTO ALBUM 
Museu del Càntir. From 7th July till 3rd Septembe 7 a les 18,30 h Col·labora: Exposició de la artista italiana de Faenza, Fiorenza Pancino  The soul is not nourished: an interior journey The fun
"Los papeles que Josep M. Codina nos presenta, sutiles y llenos de lirismo, reflejan sus miedos y sus temores. El artista, a través de una apuesta abstracta de calidades matéricas y delicados trazos, dibuja su
Los humanos siempre hemos sentido una cierta fascinación por captar como un elemento de la cultura material o inmaterial que sentimos como propio tiene a la vez una presencia universal, lo que otorga a este obj
La obra en esmalte de Andreu Vilasís, reconocida en todo el mundo como la de uno de los mejores artífices actuales de esta técnica milenaria, incombustible e impulsada por él mismo internacionalmente, se presen
Del 2 de desembre al 8 de gener del 2017 Una mostra col·lectiva on els artistes exposaran i vendran les seves obres d'art de diferents tècniques: ceràmica, pintura, mosaic, dibuix, fotografia, escultura i joie
Horari: Dimarts a divendres de 10 h a 14 h i de 16 h a 20 hDissabtes d'11 h a 14 h i de 17 h a 20 hDiumenges i festius: d'11 h a 14 h Lloc: Sala d'exposicions temporals del Museu del CàntirOrganitza: Museu del