Mission and strategy

In accordance with its statutes, the Museu del Càntir de Argentona has as its main mission "to cover the need of the town to have an institution to acquire, protect, host, preserve and exhibit all the objects that can be gathered in general the botijo ​​and other analogous ones, and to promote its study and the maximum diffusion ". This concept fits perfectly with what the International Council of Museums defines as a museum: "a permanent institution, non-profit, at the service of society and open to the public, which acquires, preserves, studies, exhibits and disseminates the material and immaterial of humanity and its environment for the purposes of study, education and enjoyment ".

Its objectives, in an enunciative and non-restrictive way, are:

- Collect, conserve, document and disseminate the maximum number of copies of botijos and, in some cases, similar vessels, to collect, transport, store and drink water, especially those of historical and artistic interest, without forgetting the popular and traditional ones, which They have been vessels of great use for many centuries in our country.

- Keep alive the tradition of the ancient Festivity of Santo Domingo de Argentona, celebrated since the 17th century on August 4, now the city's Summer Festival, in the form of "Festa del Càntir" and the activities that are organized , like the putting and sale of botijos, renewal of the vote of town, blessing of the waters of the source and the botijos, infantile games, raised of botijos and others.

- To be an institution of cultural dynamism and citizen participation in the town of Argentona and its surroundings, giving service to the citizens, through the realization of cultural activities of all kinds, such as art and cultural heritage exhibitions, courses, workshops, conferences, edition of publications, fairs and other similar ones.

- To provide services to the artisan sector of ceramics and pottery through specific but far-reaching activities such as the ceramic school, pottery fair, film show and other activities such as exhibitions of new and prestigious authors, workshops on duty, raku, demonstrations of ceramic techniques and other analogous activities.

- Other activities within its thematic scope and content that promote culture, understood as a means for social improvement and that promotes the welfare of society.

- The Museu del Càntir wants to be a benchmark both nationally and internationally in its own field, that of pottery and ceramics, establishing cooperative relationships with other actors in the same sector, such as museums, potters, associations and institutions public and private.