Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics

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It is an entity constituted basically by town halls, to promote the value of the ceramic of its municipalities, its ceramic heritage, cultural tourism and economic and social development based on an element that is common to them: ceramics. For this they work in networks, coordinate their actions, exchange experiences and knowledge among them and also cooperate with associations of European ceramics cities established in France, Italy and Romania through the European Association of Territorial Cooperation of Ceramic Cities .

The AeCC was incorporated in Argentona on November 10, 2007 with 23 members, rapidly increasing the number of members to reach more than 30 members. It has its official headquarters in Argentona (Barcelona). The City Council of Argentona is a founding member, being its current mayor, Ferran Armengol, its first president, until 2009. The Museu del Càntir was added to the network in 2010.


- Create and energize a network of cities linked to ceramics.

- Protect and enhance the ceramic heritage.

- Encourage the development of the artisan sector linked to ceramics.

- Promotion of quality marks or designation of origin.

- Promotion of cultural tourism at the base of the ceramic element.

- Exchange experiences and knowledge among associates and other institutions through communication actions, organization of congresses and technical conferences.

- Promote training and innovation in the ceramic sector.

- Encourage economic, social and cultural development in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment of the affiliated cities.


- Biannual Congresses of the AEC: Professional meetings to deal in depth with issues of relevance for the members of the association, such as tourism, heritage, economic development or the network of museums, to improve the quality of life and well-being of our citizens.

- Technical seminars: Biannual meetings of professionals in the ceramic sector to update technical aspects related to the productive sector, such as materials, technology or marketing, among others, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability.

- National Ceramics Awards: Biannual call now recognize the work done by people and institutions in favor of ceramics.

- Communication actions: AeCC website, electronic bulletin of information dissemination, informative leaflet and advertising in specialized media, among others.

- International actions: Agreements with European partners for the development of projects with European funding, defense of the ceramic sector before international organizations and actions for the international promotion of ceramics and our cities.

- Holding of two General Assemblies of partners and three meetings of the Executive Committee of the AeCC.

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