The Museu del Càntir de Argentona is a public institution of the City of Argentona, managed by a Municipal Board. Although the museum was founded in 1975, it is not until 1984 that the City Council created the Board of Trustees as a management body. Until then the museum was managed by the Friends of the Museu del Càntir de Argentona, an entity that still collaborates with the museum, especially during the events of the "Festa del Càntir" and the Argillà Argentona fair.
The museum has the no. 23 of the 188 museums of the Registry of Museums of Catalonia, managed by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat. It is also part of the Network of Local Museums of the Diputación de Barcelona since 1994.
The museum is unique in the world in its specialty, although we can find two collections of private botijos open to the public: Botijo ​​de Villena Museum (Alicante) and Toral de los Guzmanes (León).

The collections of the Museu del Càntir de Argentona are made up of more than four thousand specimens ranging from the Bronze Age to Picasso, through large collections of vaulted ceramics from the 14th to the 18th centuries, numerous specimens from the 19th century and the thickness of the collection, made up of popular and traditional clay of the entire twentieth century. Its origin is very diverse, but mostly it focuses on Catalonia and Spain, although in recent years many specimens from other countries have entered, such as Portugal, France, Italy, Morocco, Mexico and Peru, among many others.

As a museum, it complies with all the legal requirements and good practices that are applicable, such as registration, documentation, conservation and dissemination of the collections that the museum houses. In addition, the museum is an institution with great cultural activity, such as temporary exhibitions, lectures, ceramic school, "Festa del Càntir", the pottery fair and other activities that make the museum an institution of reference in the Maresme and in the countryside of ceramics.