Eva Roučka. Records de la Xina

05/07/2024 to 15/09/2024
Eva Roučka

Eva Roučka is a multifaceted visual artist. Her work is mostly figurative, her typical works are monumental sculptures that draw attention to human weaknesses and vices in exaggeration. In small sculptures and drawings she notes and reacts attentively to the impressions of her travels.

She creates sculptures not only from ceramic clay, but also from other materials such as wood, stone, etc. In small sculpture she does not avoid working with bronze and glass. In her work she has also dealt with design. She has designed jewellery, cutlery and crystal objects for the French manufactory DAUM or models for the porcelain manufacturer Limoges.

Eva Roučka has obtained numerous awards and recognitions: in France, Spain, Mexico, Japan and Italy, among other countries. This large number of awards and recognitions demonstrate that we are dealing with, probably, the contemporary Czech ceramist with the greatest international projection. I am sure that, step by step, Czech ceramics will become more and more known and recognized in Europe and the rest of the world.

This is the first exhibition that the artist holds in Catalonia, Spain, in the context of Argillà Argentona, an international ceramics festival whose guest country for this edition is the Czech Republic. We must thank the organizers for inviting several artists from our country to achieve the goal I mentioned before: to make Czech ceramics better known throughout the world.

The technique of his ceramic works is: Porcelain and refractory. Mixed technique of potter's wheel and plate. Pigments, enamels and metallic lustres. Cooked in oxidation  940 °C, 1280 °C, 740 °C.