The Museu del Càntir d'Argentona is a municipal property, although since 1984 the City of Argentona has created the Municipal Board of the Càntir Museum to govern the institution, thus maintaining a certain operating autonomy.

The Municipal Board of the Càntir Museum

The Board of Trustees is governed by statutes and has its own budget approved by the City Council.

The Board has four governing bodies:

- President, who is the mayor of la vila or the alderman of Culture.

- Vice-president, alderman appointed by the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation.

- Government Board, formed by the President, Vice-President, a representative of each municipal political group, eleven members appointed by the Plenary on the proposal of the Board and the Managing Director, who attends the sessions with voice but without vote.

With date of February 1, 2017, the Governing Board is formed by:

President: Puig Boltà, Àngel
Vice-president: Saleta Perejoan, Guillem
Members: Abras Lladó, Montserrat Belso Joan Carles Casabella Romeu, Jordi Guardia Anatller, Joan López Segura, Joan Lladó Badosa, Marcel Martín Baez, Joan Lluís Pascual Marti, Pere Puig Ovejero, Mia Navarro, Ma. Lluïsa Sala Audet, Marc
Representatives of the municipal political groups: Brugal Piñol, Montserrat (PSC) Català Casas, Raimon (TxA) Fame, Pep (IC) Manchón, Hugo (PP) Murcia Villanueva, Liliana (CUP) Traby Isagüe, Enric (ERC) Director Gerent: Calvo Vergés, Oriol

The museum team

The work team of the museum is composed of four people, all of them with full dedication:

Oriol Calvo Vergés: Managing Director

Fina Carreras Giménez: Documentation and communication technique

Cristina Villa Peral: Responsible for administration and customer service

Joan Eixarch Estruch: Maintenance and general services